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last updated March 5th, 2018

Welcome to 4Finance! The purpose of 4Finance is to give users a safe place to discuss, connect, suggest, and share information. Whether it?s asking a question of your fellow users to support your account, suggesting an idea of how to make 4Finance

The following community guidelines outline what is expected of you as a member and what you can expect from others. By participating in The Corner, including private messaging, you agree to follow these rules and 4Finance?s Terms & Conditions.

Moderation: This community, like many others, will be monitored mainly by its users. However, we also have the employee and member moderators and administrators. Moderators and administrators can at any time move, edit, or delete a post. Moderators will notify you of any rule violations, and failure to comply with a moderator?s request is considered a violation of the code of conduct.

These guidelines are part of a living document and may be adjusted at any time.